Monday, May 31, 2010

Planting the Seeds

Why have I decided to become a Sommelier, you ask? Well, apart from the obvious "wine not!" answer (sorry, couldn't resist), my husband and I came very close to purchasing some land in Prince Edward County last year on a "whim" - an up-and-coming wine region in south-eastern Ontario, Canada. Not having any previous knowledge of grapes, wine making, or what the heck we were getting ourselves into, we were going to put some grapes in the ground and do some serious "learning on the job" while the grapes grew over 4-5 years! We actually said, "how hard can it be?"
Naive? maybe. Adventurous? always!

While our farm purchase didn't materialize (we were out-bid), we got hooked on the idea of living the dream! Now, we're attacking "the dream" from a different angle, and getting a little more knowledge about the industry under my belt is part of it. I imagine the learning will never end. And so far, I'm loving the journey.

I will need to complete 7 courses in order to graduate from this particular Sommelier program offered at Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Canada:

I took my first course in January, and completed it with a 95% (I mean, com'mon, it was WINE TASTING!). I then signed up for two more courses, to be taken in synch: Grape Varieties on Wed evenings, and Vinification all-day Saturdays - which I have been loving, but it is like drinking through a fire hose!

The next courses include: Old World Wines, New World Wines, Wine and Food Pairings, and finally, the Advanced Sommelier.

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